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3 Things to Know When Building a Home in Virginia

Building a new house allows you to control every aspect of the process, but it also comes with plenty of important considerations. If you’ve never gone through the process, you may be left wondering about basic questions like “How much does it cost to build a house in VA?” Prepare yourself for the excitement of building the home of your dreams by considering these three important factors first.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Floor Plan in Fieldstone

Fieldstone is one of the premier developments for new homes in Chesapeake, VA, but your decision to move into the neighborhood is just the beginning. Picking a floor plan for your home in the Fieldstone neighborhood starts by addressing the following:

How to Budget for the Right Amount of House in Virginia

Setting a budget to build a house requires a lot more than considering how much you can afford to spend. The cost of construction involves many factors, including the cost of living in Chesapeake VA. Understanding what affects the cost of building a house and how to determine what you can really afford will help you make the right decisions.

Reasons to Love Living in Chesapeake, VA

The quaint city of Chesapeake, VA, may not be as bustling with activities as a life in big cities, but many residents find the comfortable pace and low-key atmosphere of this robust community to be right up their alley.

That’s not to say Chesapeake is boring. On the contrary, with close proximity to the coast, a bounty of surrounding scenic attractions, and all the amenities that support a high quality of life, this city of nearly 238,000 residents creates the ideal setting for settling down into a semi-custom home or other residence. Here is a quick look at six reasons you will love living in Chesapeake, VA: